Professional beacon installation

Beacons are used for the controlling of waterway traffic and for navigation, built on water or near it on the shore. Beacons may be stationary or floating, lit or unlit. They are usually fitted with reflectors to improve visibility in when it’s dark.

Stationary beacons can be installed like piles by driving them until the load-bearing base or rock or by installing them into an excavated opening in the rock. Beacons may also be founded on a concrete caisson. The foundation method is selected based on the depth and the ground type of seabed.

Floating beacons are anchored to the seabed. The anchor chain may be tight or loose. A tight anchor chain does not allow the beacon to move around its anchoring point, whereas loose anchoring allows free floating.

• Construction of beacons
  • Waterway controls
  • Safeguarding of shipping
  • Harbours and marinas
• Repair and renovation of old beacons