Our tensioning unit is an experienced expert in post-tensioned concrete structures.

We are happy to tell more about the possibilities of a post-tension alternative for a project when choosing a framework solution.

Our post-tensioning unit also has expertise in having the site designed and managing the planning. Tensioning is work requiring a special level of competence. Both the designers and the contractor need personnel with special skills in tensioning as well as special equipment. The work requires particular care and detailed supervision of work, especially as it is done in parallel with other construction work.

We have solid experience from challenging tensioned structures in sites both in Finland and abroad. We perform the tensioning of large and challenging projects cast on site, anchors to the concrete foundation of the wind power turbine, the tensioning of bridges, cable stay structures and tension rods or tensioned ground anchoring. We represent the Mekano4 tension method with the European technical approval (ETA).


Our tensioning unit operations are certified. This indicates that the work is performed by an experienced specialist company with management, quality system and an order/supply chain that have been approved by an external assessor. Our tensioning team has solid experience from challenging projects both in Finland and abroad. We have implemented tensioning of large and demanding projects cast on site, bridge tensioning, cable stay structures and tension rods as well as tensioned ground anchoring.

Tensioned ground anchoring

We manufacture ground anchors in Finland. We can deliver large volumes quickly to different construction sites in the Nordic countries thanks to short distances. We have an extensive fleet for various kinds of tensioning, lifting and jacking assignments. In addition to customary tensioning, we provide customised solutions for the specific needs of our customers.

Tensioned structure

Tensioned concrete structures require special expertise. It reduces the number of columns needed, and the deck structures are thinner than when traditional construction methods are used. Furthermore, the benefits of tensioning include the lack of cracking of structures, which also leads to water tightness and improved durability.

Occupational safety in tensioning

Safety in the construction industry always comes first, and special attention is paid to it in special contracting, such as post-tension work. We consider it our duty to see that those who work with us can work safely and are aware of the risks involved in the work.

Aurora bridge

Post-tension helps to carry heavier loads

Have you ever wondered how bridges bear loads, cars can be parked on multiple floors, a wind power plant stays upright, or a water tower rises so high?

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