Wide-ranging urban construction

Wide-ranging urban construction

We build infrastructure to enable a smoother flow of sustainable living for people, businesses and society.

Urban construction is a cooperation

Urban development is carried out in cooperation between different actors. Climate change is affecting cities and, as a result, the demands for responsible and sustainable infrastructure are increasing. A diverse city serves all its residents in everyday life. Urban development develops cities and enables, for example, good sports facilities, cosy green spaces, good transport connections for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic, and the necessary number of parking spaces. The construction of ports and shores is also an integral part of urban development.

Construction site workers in front of an apartment building
A successful construction projects starts by choosing the right implementation model

Tips for choosing the appropriate implementation model

The implementation form of the construction project is important for the success of the project. In the project model guide, you can find different project models, the kinds of projects the model is suitable for, and the benefits and challenges of the different project models. Download the project model guide so you can choose the right implementation form for your project.

Download the project model guide

Cities need urban construction

More and more people are moving to towns and cities, and they travel to work, home, and various hobbies. Residents need opportunities for smooth mobility which is why the city must be built and repaired continuously. It is important that the different parts of the city are interconnected and infrastructure is needed for that. Clean water, good sanitation, zero-emission public transport and energy are vital for cities. As a construction company, we can be a part of building a responsible society by developing projects that enable the city to grow and develop further, environmentally sound. Urban construction is carried out together between designers, builders, companies and residents.

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