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YIT Talon Tekniikka – Renovation projects for housing companies

YIT Talon Tekniikka – Renovation projects for housing companies

Let us take care of your housing company’s renovation

More than 100 years of construction experience ensures that we know what the best way is to realise even demanding renovations for you and your housing company.

Our way of working

We are specialised in housing companies’ pipe renovations. Whether it’s a pipe renovation or a wider renovation to repair your housing company, we trust in our high-quality competence. We can realise your pipe renovation project with any type of contract form. If your housing company selects the cooperation model as the contract form, we will appoint a contact person already at the planning stage, who will then be personally responsible for the coordination of your renovation. The realisation of your renovation could not be any easier!

Fix your entire home at once

Are you thinking about updating the other rooms of your home in the connection of a pipe renovation? No problem! If you also want to update the quality level of your home, we can help you with, for example, a kitchen renovation.

A convenient model fixture exhibition is built in your housing company, where we will present fixtures selected by the housing company as well as alternative options.

Active communications throughout the project

A successful renovation means taking care of the residents’ needs from start to finish, from planning to handover. We understand that each resident has a different kind of need for information, which is why we use a wide range of communication channels: phone calls, text messages, emails, letters, resident events and an electronic service website. The residents can select the channels. If desired, we will also inform the resident’s close relatives of the renovation. We actively communicate the progress of the renovation each week and whenever necessary.

Contact us and trust your housing company's pipe renovation to our professionals!


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CEO, YIT Talon Tekniikka Oy
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Sales and project development
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Marketing and communications
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Service operations
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Financial Administration