Earth works and foundations construction

For earth works and foundation construction we use suitable methods for each options. 


Reinforcing foundations

The foundations of a house may need repairing or renovating during its lifespan due to, for example, the decay of wooden piles. In most cases, these are realized by putting the load of the house onto new piles.

Several different methods are available.


Deep Stabilization - with lime and cement column method

The deep stabilization by lime or cement columns is a method that helps to cut down expenses of foundation comparing to piling. The savings in costs are not achieved only by columns, but also the upper structure has effect on the costs of the whole structure. 


Subgrade stabilization

Pillar/deep stabilization is a method of subgrade stabilization often used for soft foundation soil as well as for roads, fields, gardens, and streets.

Mass stabilization is a mass subgrade stabilization method for soft and argillaceous silt land, in which it is possible to replace as much as 4-5 metres of solid mass. The method conserves non-renewable natural gravel resources.

Georeinforcement is used in diverse forms as additional stabilization for ramps and bearing strata as well as together with piling and stabilizers.

Tb-piling is the traditional method of subgrade stabilization, such as in a street building and at construction sites.

Pile slabs are used as a method in demanding, completely rigid structures to stabilize the subgrade of heavily loaded roads, railways, and fields.

In the relief method, the materials used most are light gravel and plastic relief plates such as styrox.

Pipe and drill piles are methods for stabilizing heavily loaded and used roads and bridge structures.

In situ piles are usually used at sites requiring large point loading such as in bridges and machine foundations.

Abutment walls are in most cases realized on steel butments in building pits.

Anchoring is used to support excavations and for tensioning buildings, including against buoyant force. Anchoring is either permanent or temporary.

The deep compaction method, as realized using a monkey engine, is a method of improving the bearing capacity of thick, loose, non-cohesive soil.