Earthworks and foundations

Earth works and foundations construction

We use the option most suitable for the structure of soil in each earthworks and foundation reinforcement project, such as stabilisation, retaining walls and anchoring or piling. We also perform quarrying.

Column and deep stabilisation are suitable for the reinforcement of soft underlying soil and for road, field, yard and street areas. Pile slabs are used for the foundation reinforcement of roads, railways and fields subject to heavy loads in demanding, fully rigid structures. Mass stabilisation is a foundation reinforcement method used in massive soft and loamy silty soils. It can be used instead of replacements of soil of as much as 4–5 metres, thereby conserving non-renewable gravel resources. 

Reinforced concrete piling is a traditional foundation reinforcement method used in street and bridge construction, for example, as well as in the construction of buildings. Traffic routes, bridges and buildings subject to heavy loads are often supported by means of pipe and bored piles. Excavation piles, on the other hand, are customarily used in projects requiring very high loads, such as bridges and the foundations of machines.

Quarrying is sometimes needed when constructing the pit for buildings. The retaining walls of building pits are usually realised by means of sheet piles and support elements. Difficult and deep excavations are also supported using dam walls implemented by means of excavation piling. The anchoring of the retaining wall is used for tensioning against the soil and water pressure. Concrete supporting walls are often needed at the edges of open cuts to support the surrounding soil layers.

The foundations of a building may require renovation or renewal during the building’s life cycle due to the rotting of timber piles, for example. Such work is usually executed by transferring the loads of the building on new piles using a variety of available methods.

If necessary, we also perform special drilling in sites requiring it, as well as tensioning in bridge and other projects.

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