Large equipment is used for quarrying and excavations, but practically it is manual work.

We implement excavation and reinforcement of different types of challenging rock spaces, underwater excavation, as well as city excavation

Excavation is used to remove rock from the way of building foundations or routes. Rock may also be excavated for the construction or expansion of a tunnel and an underground space. We also perform special drilling, when necessary, and customise our equipment to suit the site. Special drilling includes, among other things, connection openings to underground spaces, energy holes, horizontal drilling and anchoring. Read also about the services of our tensioning unit.


City excavation

City excavation refers to excavation in city centres requiring special competence when constructing next to or under existing buildings. The environment demands special attention in urban conditions due to vibration, for instance. We have implemented extensive construction projects in many sites of great importance to the society. We master large projects and challenging urban conditions. City excavation often forms a part of the overall underground construction project in parking halls and traffic tunnels, for example, such as in the Rantaväylä tunnel and the West Metro Line.

Underwater excavation

Underwater excavation is used to reduce the rock level height in a sea, lake or other water body. Explosives suitable for underwater excavation are used, placing them in holes drilled in the rock. The holes are drilled from the raft or using divers. In shallow areas, drilling can be done using machines placed on the shore. The blasted rock is excavated out and can be utilised in other construction. Underwater excavation is usually carried out in connection with dredging work. A GPS-based software is used in both excavation and dredging, allowing the precise determination of the ground shape before and after the blasting. Careful design of blasting work and the GPS software allow us to ensure that the excavation is done precisely to the desired level.

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