Masthamnen, Sweden

We built a new concrete quay in Stockholm that will better serve the Stockholm's archipelago boats.

The project was carried out in two stages and the contract included, among other things, concrete renovation of the existing crest beam, miscellaneous demolition of existing fenders, protective retaining walls, demolition of an existing sightseeing bridge as well as associated elements such as an underwater profile, reinforcements and casting.

The project resulted in a new concrete quay, the function of which is to facilitate embarking and disembarking. This is because newer boats have different landing heights. It was previously required that a temporary jetty be built, where boats that frequent the regular jetty could dock.

The marine environment posed a number of challenges in terms of both weather conditions and factors relating to the surrounding area. It required expertise in underwater casting for the project to be implemented successfully.

“Working in a marine environment is always especially challenging. The water is always going to bring obstacles that can affect your maximum capacity. The impact from the weather can also have a major effect, since water levels can rise or fall by several metres within only a few days. But thanks to our strong and established project group, we had a good chance of succeeding. In addition, being able to enjoy the beautiful view every day made the project all the more unique,” says Sebastian Karlström, site manager.

The project needed to be completed in time for when the foreign cruise ships returned with tourists to the streets of Stockholm. There was therefore a strong focus on precision and good planning in combination with an effective collaboration.

“We placed great importance on a good and close relationship with our client, as we know that this is fundamental to working efficiently.  At the same time, we actively tried to create a good atmosphere within the group. The key phrase at Masthamnen was therefore Cooperation = Success,” concludes Sebastian Karlström.

The project began in October 2018 and was completed in May 2020.

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