Construction excavations

We have extensive experience of the execution of demanding construction excavations.

Excavations require special care in safety and are generally supported to ensure the safety of workers and passers-by.

An excavation is a temporary pit, for example, for the construction of structures below the building's surface. A demanding excavation is often a combination of strict spatial limits, logistics to difficult areas and detailed environmental requirements for the management of vibration, noise, depressions and ground water. The solutions used in the excavation walls and excavation in the middle of habitation often play a central role. We also perform professional excavation in the urban environment, as well as retaining walls suitable for each excavation, which may contain combinations of different types of retaining walls.

Supported construction trench

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are most commonly used in excavations for preventing the collapse of soil into the excavation. Retaining walls are especially necessary if there are other buildings or structures near the excavation. Retaining walls may be temporary or they may be left in place as a part of the permanent structure. The walls may be constructed waterproof. In addition to excavations and underground construction, retaining walls are also used in water works and shore construction, such as in quay walls or jetties of harbours.

The retaining walls of building pits are usually realised by means of sheet piles and support elements, such as dam walls implemented by means of excavation piling. Dam walls often form a part of the permanent structure. Construction excavations may also be supported with soldier pile walls where horizontal piles are attached on vertical supports. A retaining wall may also be constructed of adjoining steel piles which may be connected with locks. Retaining walls are often supported by anchoring them to the rock.

Sheet pile wall

Sheet piles are driven into the soil by means of impact or vibratory hammers and made waterproof by the locks of the sheets. Our modern tonguing and grooving equipment allows the installation of even 25-metre full-length sheets using a resonance-free method which significantly reduces the vibration caused to the surroundings. High-frequency vibrator penetrates even dense moraine. Data collection during sheet pile wall installation is automated and real-time.

In addition to sheet pile, soldier pile and dam walls, retaining walls can also be implemented as combi walls. Combi walls combine steel piles with sheet piles, allowing a better management of vertical loads than in sheet pile walls.

Our tonguing and grooving equipment is especially well suited to sites where:

  • sheeting is installed in difficult ground and environmental conditions
  • the sheeting is long – we can install even 25-metre sheeting profiles in full length
  • tight vibration limits apply
  • the soil contains a dense moraine layer
  • the sheeting should be installed until the rock surface

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