Railways, metro, tram and light rail routes

Railways, metro, tram and light rail routes

We construct new projects and repair existing works

We continuously construct new railway and tram network and reinforce the existing network. We are also the tram line network maintenance operator in Tampere. Rail construction and energy-efficient public transport promote the sustainable growth of cities.

City and light rail networks continue to expand, and the construction and maintenance of them are our core competence. We realise comprehensive service packages for railways or, if necessary, provide parts of it. We have extensive urban construction competence, including all the required technologies. 

Rail projects, such as the Crown Bridges,  Tampere Tramway and Jokeri Light Rail , have also benefitted from our alliance competence.

Metros are the backbone of urbanisation and our competence includes all the areas needed for implementing them, such as stations, excavations, reinforcement of rock, shotcreting, superstructure works and platforms.

Railroads must be able to sustain the current operational capacity, but also meet the new technical requirements of constantly faster and heavier trains. We implement railway line superstructures, station arrangements, platforms, bridgesearthworks, foundation reinforcements, noise barriers, electric track and safety equipment work as well as any other projects in the railway environment.

Crown Bridges
Jokeri Light Rail
Tampere Tramway alliance

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