Ocean pier at Helsinki West Harbour

We build the ocean pier extension at Helsinki West Harbour. The project involved work above and below the water.

The project comprised the construction of the elements for the LJ8 ocean pier extension, underwater foundation work and deep stabilisation, installation of corner posts, construction of the pier backfill, construction of the apron and upper structures of the concrete pier, including edge beam, dock equipment and fenders. The length of the pier is 460 metres.

Cooperation with the customer went well. The customer had a firm belief in YIT’s ability to complete the project on schedule and within the agreed budget. The project was completed a few months ahead of the original schedule.

“Due to the lack of space, we installed the elements simultaneously from two directions, which required particular attention that started already in the design phase,” says Urpo Merivirta, Construction Manager, Water Works and Shore Construction at YIT.

The ocean pier extension serves as the foundation of the new terminal, which was completed two years after the pier by YIT’s Business Premises segment.

Compared to other infrastructure construction projects, water works and shore construction is a specialist field characterised by large quantities. Water works equipment also differs from the construction equipment used on land, and natural elements such as wind and water set additional requirements on, for example, safety at work.

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