Office premises for the new age

White-collar work is becoming increasingly common and ways of working are changing. The need for various types of workstations and growing social significance of the office make functional office premises even more important success factor for businesses.

Office premises

In spring 2013, YIT conducted a study entitled “The future of office work” to better understand the needs of offices and their users. Thinking and operating practices related to office premises are already undergoing a major shift in many ways. The proportion of expert work will grow in relation to other forms of work, and the practicality of workstations must be taken into account already in the planning and design stages. The significance of the office as a social environment will grow, while the range of working locations will get broader.

Next-generation office premises and working environments

The need to prepare for the changes the future will bring has also affected YIT’s way of working. The focus is increasingly on tailored solutions in which comfort and productivity go hand in hand. Like a café or the sofa at home, the office can also provide flexible and comfortable workspace and different kinds of workstations. Companies are also looking to differentiate and create a sense of comfort by having premises that reflect their brand identity.

A company’s operating environment is comprised of several elements, most importantly the effectiveness of the premises as well as services and location. The working environment has a significant impact on employees’ efficiency and job satisfaction, and the spatial solutions and services utilised by a company affect the way it operates. At YIT, we have extensive experience and expertise in developing company-specific solutions comprised of business premises and services. We do not merely build properties and lease space to tenants, we always offer an individualised solution.