The Crown Bridges is a tramway to be built in Helsinki, which is urban development at its best. Urban development will be done in the Crown Bridges project as well as demanding infrastructure construction and it will provide a sustainable way for citizens to get around. In addition to the tramway, the project will build several bridges, renew and construct street infrastructure, do water works and shoreline construction, and repair sewers, water and electricity pipes and telecommunications cables, among other things.

Havainnekuva Kruunusilloista Korkeasaaren kohdalla / Illustrative drawing of Crown Bridges at Korkeasaari
Havainnekuva Kruunusilloista Korkeasaaren kohdalla / Illustrative drawing of Crown Bridges at Korkeasaari

The Crown Bridges tramway project will be carried out as a combination of two contracting models. The two bridges (Finkensilta and Kruunuvuorensilta) between Kalasatama and Kruunuvuorenranta as well as the preconstruction in Korkeasaari will be realised as an joint venture with YIT and Kreate. The rest of the construction of the connection will be carried out by an alliance that includes YIT, The City of Helsinki, NRC Group Finland, Ramboll, Sweco and Sitowise.

“In the alliance model, the client, the constructor and the designer sit at the same table at the same time, seeking better solutions more efficiently. And the partners win or lose together. The alliance model is normally used for projects that are complex and involve many risks or potential changes. It works best in such projects,” says Aleksi Laine, YIT’s Head of Traffic Infra Division.

What matters most to the city in the alliance is transparency, which makes it possible to verify justified costs. Clarifying things to politicians also facilitates political decision-making and helps the project move forward.

“We use taxpayers’ money, so we need to be able to convince many people, including ourselves, that the spending is justified. Operationally, cost management is very important,” says Ville Alajoki, project manager representing the City of Helsinki.

Soil decontamination and reneval of street infrastructure

In addition to the construction of new Hakaniemensilta bridge, large-scale land remediation will also be carried out on Hakaniemi shore due to preconstruction, and the bridge overhaul will require removal of contaminated sediment from the seabed. Their removal and processing shall be carried out in a controlled manner and in accordance with the provisions of the permit.

The city is also renewing a lot of street infrastructure. The tramway line requires changes to underground structures, such as cables and pipes, but future urban development can be taken into account during construction.

The current target for opening the route for traffic is 2027.

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