Mine contracting

We are specialised in service contracts for the mining industry.

Projects requiring special competence are our strength, but we naturally also implement normal excavation and reinforcement, even on a large scale.

We provide our customers mining contract services requiring special competence and equipment that the customer often does not have in-house. The excavation of shaft rises and construction, tunnel blasting, mechanical bolting and meshing, excavation of silos and excavation of underground quarries by means of long hole drilling are some examples of such special methods.

Services for the mining industry

We help our customers to develop and solve the challenges of mining contracting. Our special expertise is based on cooperative models, which enable us to work together in the best interests of a project. Our main markets for mining services are the Nordic countries.

Construction workers

Working together in the alliance

The alliance model is a project model used in construction projects, in which the parties to the project are responsible for the project’s planning and construction and they share the risks and benefits.

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