Parking solutions

Our parking solutions are always customised to the actual parking requirements and available space.

We develop and implement innovative and versatile street-level and underground parking solutions together with our partner network, according to the customer's needs.

We are familiar with present and future parking solutions and official requirements for properties and unbuilt environments. We have implemented several extensive projects that included logistical challenges. We always focus on the continuity of the project, ensuring functionality and managing the overall project. The design solution can be modelled already in the design phase, allowing the adjustment of details of the parking spaces.

Underground construction brings together our extensive competence. Our experience as a builder of demanding rock parking halls goes back to the 1970s. The compaction of city centres and connection parking needs create new needs to arrange parking as well. Safety, ease of use and traffic flows must be taken into account in the planning of parking solutions.

parking facility

Parking solutions for housing

Is there a waiting list of several years for the parking spaces in your housing company? Do you have to dig your car out of the snow streetside in the winter? For us, the design of residential parking is based on finding a reliable and safe solution that is pleasant to use. In city block parking solutions, for example, the parking spaces are placed under a deck in the property’s courtyard. The efficient use of space and ease of parking can be improved using an automated parking facility while considering the increased needs for the charging of hybrid and electric cars in the future. If necessary, we can look for different implementation and financing options by, for example, combining the parking needs of adjoining housing companies and nearby businesses.

Parking options for offices

Do only the early birds get a parking space in the office parking hall, while others try to find an empty spot on the street? Does the working day include a trip to reset the parking dial every two hours? Innovative solutions are needed as the available space is limited and plots are expensive.

Parking solutions for commercial operators

Do your customers spend way too much time trying to find a parking space? Is the parking hall congested even when there are empty spaces available? Good customer traffic flows and well-functioning logistics are some of the most important success factors for stores. Spacious and clear parking spaces that are dimensioned and placed correctly give the customer’s shopping experience a positive start right from the parking. We have implemented various kinds of solutions for demanding commercial needs ranging from the construction of new parking halls to the renovation of existing ones.

Post-tensioned structures in parking spaces

Post-tensioned concrete structures cast in place allow us to construct spacious and roomy parking spaces where the column spacing can be as high as 17 metres. Structures that are cast in place do not crack and guarantee water tightness and long service life. The structures can also be made thinner, and the reduction of material volumes also creates cost savings.

Post-tensioned structures

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