Bridge construction expert

Bridge construction is at the heart of our expertise.

Our bridge construction specialists have the competence required for the implementation of small and large bridges, railway bridges and bridges over water bodies using wood, concrete or steel structures.

We have been constructing and repairing bridges for decades, creating connections for road users, pedestrians and cyclists. We know how to implement bridge-building projects without any major inconvenience to traffic. We also implement bridge construction projects according to environmental restrictions, taking nature into account. Bridge construction and bridge repair in a busy urban environment is our strength. Many bridges are being built and repaired in our large rail alliance projects. Eleven new bridges are being built in the Jokeri Light Rail project. In connection with the Crown Bridges tramway, five bridges will be built or repaired, such as the longest bridge in Finland, Kruunuvuori Bridge, which has a service life requirement of 200 years. One example of bridge construction in the heart of a city is Hämeensilta bridge in Tampere.

We utilise the methods developed and used in bridge construction also in our other infrastructure construction projects, such as parking halls and other complex concrete structures. One example is tensioning.

Bridge-building know-how is also used in repair work

We utilise our bridge and structural competence, long experience and insight also in all types of bridge repairs. For example, in the Jokeri Light Rail project, nine bridge repairs are carried out at different levels, in addition to the bridge building. We also maintain and manage a large part of the bridges on Finnish roads as part of our maintenance work.

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