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Year zero - 7 lessons on future of work

Extensive remote work has continued for almost half a year. Return to the old pre-corona world is unlikely. But what does that mean for working life? How does it affect people's daily lives? What does it require from workspaces and working environments?

Read about the topic from a free publication "Year zero - 7 lessons on future of work".

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Project model guide - The best project model for a construction project

It is important to choose the right project model. On the guide, each model is presented with the project type it is applicable for, what are the benefts and challenges related to it. What’s the best implementation model for your construction project?

Learn more and download a free guide on the topic.

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Living, working and sustainable cities of the future will be built together.
As a leading urban development company, we want to have an ongoing debate with our stakeholders on the future of cities.
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