Renovation services

Sustainable development and high quality renovation services for urban areas

Urbanisation, increasing density of people in cities and aging buildings are some of the biggest reasons for the increasing need for sustainable urban planning and development of renovation services in many cities today. Focusing on professional and responsible property development and renovation construction enables even better living and working environments for everyone living in cities in the future.

YIT has over 100 years’ of experience in developing urban areas and buildings. Our extensive renovation services expertise covers everything from area development and renovation, basic renovation projects, renovation as a part of property development to housing companies’ renovation services.

Our customer is at the heart of everything we do. In all of our projects we focus especially on creating flexible solutions that meet the daily needs of our customers, and also their customers. All our projects are planned and executed in a customer-centric way, working in close collaboration with both the customers and partners involved. Our building site organization takes pride in working responsibly and sustainably, delivering the best quality results all the way from the start of the project until the end of it. We believe in open communications and we aim to provide smooth customer experiences to all our customers.

Urban area development and renovation services

Our more life in cities vision comes to life in our urban area development projects. We are highly experienced in planning and developing large urban areas, both building new and renovating existing buildings and infrastructure. Excellent examples of our recent area development projects are the Konepaja district in Helsinki, Kangas area in Jyväskylä and Tampella district in Tampere.

Basic renovation projects

Schools, kindergardens, hotels, roads and bridges – we renovate and maintain cities and their infrastructure, enabling smoother daily lives for everyone in cities. We have a wide range of experience in infrastructure construction and renovation projects. Our project planning skills are of high standard and we make sure all of our projects are planned and delivered with consistent quality throughout.

Property development and renovation services

We are a respected partner in developing and renovating business premises, apartments, hotels and retail spaces. We know how to make the most of the existing buildings and how to create new life for old buildings in a sustainable way. Our property development and renovation services range from development to planning to construction. We have a wide partner network, who are as committed to high quality results as we are.

Housing company renovation services

Our responsible housing company renovation services cover everything from facade and plumbing renovations to roof renovations and additional construction work. Our professional building site teams achieve the highest quality results by genuinely listening to the needs of the housing companies and by openly communicating about our projects throughout their duration to everyone involved.