Retail premises

We co-operate with various retail operators to develop attractive retail spaces to suit a wide range of needs. We identify our retail sites based on our strong experience and the views of industry experts. Successful retail sites must have a good location, but also spatial solutions and services that support the retailer’s business concept.

Completed and tailored retail premises

Client companies’ business operations and key success factors constitute the foundation for the retail premises solutions offered by YIT. YIT also offers tailored solutions to meet the growing need among companies for individualised retail premises.

Our completed retail premise solutions have grown substantially in popularity over the years, and new sites are constantly being built. The MotorCenter concept is aimed at operators in the automotive industry, while the Work&Trade concept offers diverse space for various needs, including the opportunity to combine different types of premises, such as an office, retail space and logistics facilities. Our Urban Village concept brings urban centres, with their services and apartments, to a new era.

Urban Village – sustainable urban development

The Urban Village concept offers modern housing and business locations for service providers with a centralised approach. Diverse services, comfortable apartments and good transport connections create a new kind of appeal for each area. YIT is using the Urban Village concept in developing the Lauttasaari district. A good example is the construction of Lauttis, which will include new apartments as well as a shopping centre. Click here for more information on our Lauttasaari project. YIT is also involved in the renewal of Central Pasila in the Tripla project, which is scheduled to be completed in the 2020s. Click here to learn more about Tripla!

MotorCenter – the motorist’s service centres

MotorCenters are service centres where motorists can find all the services they need right along their daily commute. The one-stop services include government-mandated vehicle inspections, repairs and tyre changes. Setting up shop in a MotorCenter will boost your company’s sales. Become part of the MotorCenter success story. 

Click here to read more about MotorCenter!