Retail premises must correspond to the needs of the business operations

The retail industry is changing rapidly, which affects the operations of companies. Having appropriate premises with built-in flexibility ensures that you have the best prerequisites for succeeding in the competition. The location of the premises should be considered carefully according to the operations and business idea.

Unique business premises is where your success story begins

We cooperate with retail industry actors and continuously develop our business premises selection to correspond to the changes in demand, such as diversity and adaptability.

Each company has its own needs and business idea. We offer versatile solutions for individual needs. Your business may be located in a finished commercial centre or in a new neighbourhood still under construction. Together, we can find business premises for your company that take into account the nature, needs and future of your business.

Leasable retail premises

What is happening in the retail industry?

What makes a shopping centre interesting and attractive? What does the digitalisation of retail mean for the shopping centres of the future? What kind of services turn a shopping centre into a genuine meeting place?

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Leila Kettuoja
Helsinki metropolitan area
Toni Malkamäki
Rest of Finland


Leila Kettuoja
Helsinki metropolitan area
Toni Malkamäki
Rest of Finland

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