Construction of masonry and green areas

Green construction means the construction of masonry and green areas.

We offer professional construction of green structures as well as stonework with years of experience.

Green structures improve the comfort of the property, increase the value of the property, facilitate rainwater management and protect the property from moisture, for example. Construction of green areas also involves stonework, such as concrete and natural stonework.

We implement green areas of all sizes and our services cover both their design and implementation. For example, we build green roofs, yards for schools and day care centres, playgrounds, local exercise facilities as well as demanding parks. Our green area maintenance services range from lawn mowing to the maintenance of trees and shrubs in accordance with the customer’s quality standards. Our customers include various businesses, housing companies and municipalities.

Green roof of Tripla

Green roofs

We have already built about 10,000 m2 of green roofs of different types. Rooftop green structures must be sufficiently lightweight and they need to simultaneously retain water and let water pass through. Green roofs help with rainwater management, protect the waterproofing of roofs and extend their service life. They also reduce noise and clean the air by binding particulate emissions and dust. Green roofs make urban environments more attractive to the eye.

Our services in green construction and stonework include:

  • Tender calculation
  • Specialist tasks
  • Supervision of green area construction and stonework operations
  • Arborist work
  • Working with natural stone and concrete
  • Construction and warranty maintenance of green structures
  • Playground construction and inspections
  • Maintenance of green areas

Reference sites for green areas and stonework:

  • Tripla’s green roofs – design management, green area construction and stonework
  • Renovation of Sähköttäjänpuisto park, Pasila – green area construction and stonework
  • Shopping Centre Dixi, Tikkurila – stonework
  • HOAS – construction and maintenance of green areas
  • Tapiola head office, Espoo – construction of green areas and stonework
  • Upgrades to Ring Road I and Ring Road III – construction of green areas and stonework
  • Heka – maintenance of green areas
  • Lauttasaari shopping centre – green area construction and stonework
  • Saunalahti school, Espoo – green area construction and stonework
  • Musiikkitalo, Helsinki – green area construction and stonework
street view with green trees

Did you know this about environmental construction?

Environmental construction means construction that maintains environmental values and construction processes that repair environmental damage that humans have caused. As a practical example, environmental construction can refer to the entire life cycle of a green project, from planning to building to maintenance.

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