Foundation reinforcement

Foundation reinforcement

Trusted specialist in foundation reinforcement

We are a trusted specialist in foundation renovation projects. Jet grouting is one of the methods we can utilise in foundation reinforcement.

Tasks related to foundation reinforcement typically include supporting the foundation for excavation or additional loads and replacing wooden piling with steel piles or jet grouting. We have constructed basements and underground connection shafts in the immediate vicinity of existing structures and foundations. We utilise all the typical piling and supporting methods in our work.

Jet grouting

In jet grouting, the ground is reinforced with soilcrete columns. In jet grouting, ground is detached by means of drilling to the desired depth. When the drill bit is pulled out, a cement suspension is sprayed into the ground under pressure. When it settles, it forms an unreinforced soilcrete column with the soil. The properties of the cement suspension as well as the rotation and lifting speed affect the final strength and the other desired properties.

Jet grouting can be done under existing structures without harming them. It is therefore often used for repairing and reinforcing foundation structures, especially in renovation projects of old buildings. In addition to vertical columns, jet grouting can also be used to create slabs or wall-like structures.

Areas of application:
• Foundation structures
  • Management of water permeability and erosion
  • Management of sinking
  • Reinforcement
• Foundation reinforcement of existing buildings
• Remediation of contaminated soil
• Landfills

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