Everything you need to know about buying a new apartment

The journey home starts with buying an apartment

We compiled plenty of information to help you buy a YIT Home, whether you are a real estate expert or buying your first home. Contact our housing sales specialists to learn more!

YIT Home combines quality, style and service 

In the design of the apartments, we invest in floor plans and style, the opportunity for an ecological lifestyle, the functionality of the housing company’s shared facilities and the enjoyment of the yard areas. Energy efficiency and state-of-the-art technical building systems are standard features in our new buildings – you won’t have to worry about renovation needs for years. 

The path to a YIT Home consists of easy steps. Our housing sales will offer you personal assistance throughout the steps of the purchase, starting from the construction phase. After the purchase, you will have access to the YIT Plus online service, a comprehensive information package and service channel for your home. 

Buying an apartment is always an exciting new step in our lives. A home of your own is a place you can furnish and decorate any way you like, which is not always possible in rental apartments. We hope you find your perfect home from YIT’s selection. Good luck with your apartment hunt and buying a home!

Buying an apartment for yourself or as an investment

Buying an apartment is one of the biggest events and decisions in our lives. Examine the available options thoroughly; there is no need to rush when selecting a new home. On the other hand, taking too long to make a decision may mean missing out on the apartment of your dreams. You can buy an apartment as a home, a holiday home or as an investment to be rented out.

Benefits for apartment buyers and financing a new home

You do not need large funds to own a YIT Home; simply use a flexible housing corporation loan. Our affordable 20% financial benefit enables you to buy an apartment while the building is still under construction, offering a wider selection of apartments and enabling you to impact the design of your apartment. You will also have plenty of time to sell your old apartment and organise your finances. 

Shop around for banks before buying an apartment

When the time to make the purchase draws near, we recommend shopping around for a loan between multiple banks. The websites of banks usually include a loan calculator that will help you estimate the amount you need. You can obtain a loan promise from a bank before you even find the apartment you wish to buy. The loan promise is valid for a limited time, after which it must be renewed.

As the loan terms and margins offered by banks may vary significantly, we recommend being thorough when shopping around and not accepting the first offer before hearing from other banks. Buying an apartment should not be a hurried decision but a carefully considered investment for the future. Occasionally, it may also be financially advisable to negotiate instalment-free periods, where you start off by only paying the interest of the loan. This, of course, depends on your financial situation.


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