Pile driving

Pile driving

Pile driving using the method most suitable for the site

We use large-diameter piles in retaining wall structures and pile foundations. We manufacture various kinds of large-diameter piles with our own equipment and implement them using the method most suitable for your project. The methods used include, for instance, excavation piles, CFA piles, large-diameter bored piles and different combinations of these.

Impact pile driving

In impact pile driving, the pile is driven into the ground by hitting the pile with a pile hammer, by means of vibration or by pushing the pile into the ground. The piles are driven until a dense soil layer or the rock surface. Impact piles are either reinforced concrete or steel pipe piles. 

Impact pile driving is a traditional, widely used piling method as it is a fast and certain method for soft and clayey areas and where the soil composition varies. Piling can be done without problems also in the winter when the soil is frozen. Steady, stationary foundation is the basis of sustainable construction.

Reinforced concrete piles
•  The piles are able to carry loads immediately after installation
•  The piles may be extended
•  No sinking
•  High load-bearing capacity
•  Penetration to the rock can be ensured using rock shoes

Steel pipe piles
•  Concrete is cast into the pipe using rebars
•  Small and large-diameter steel pipe piles
•  Can be extended by means of welding
•  Takes tensile strengths as well

Bored pile construction

Bored piles are steel pipes installed into the ground by means of boring. If necessary, concrete may be cast into the pipe and rebar used. The piles are mainly bored until the rock and, if necessary, they may be extended by means or welding or thread insert joints. Bored piles may be steel pipe piles, steel core piles or CSG piles.

Bored piles are especially suitable in cases where:
• The construction site contains fills that are hard to penetrate
• There are high point loads in the structures
• The rock surface has a steep slope
• The piles must reach a certain level of penetration
• The surrounding structures are sensitive to vibration
• Good accuracy is needed in terms of placement
• The piles are subject to tensile stresses (anchored bored pile)

We have a comprehensive fleet suitable for all types of bored pile driving ranging from the reinforcement of foundations to large-diameter piling.

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