Maintenance is a year-round service

We take care and maintain the road and street networks of the state and municipalities. Furthermore, we build streets and roads for both public and private sector clients. Green areas construction and municipal engineering are also a part of our special competence. The maintenance of roads, streets and areas is a year-round service which ensures the functionality and the preservation of value of our daily living environment.

We are able to provide a full-service solution for the road network as well as networks all around Finland and an operating model and service level suitable for the needs of your municipality. We can also operate on a ppp-model (public private partnership-model). Our long experience of regional contract management has established our activities throughout Finland.

For the client, our service means that the service level of the road network meets the agreed standards on every day of the contract, all the year. As the largest building trade service company in the country, we provide extensive technical competence, a subcontracting culture polished after years of experience as well as competent resources. Our finalised, advanced operating systems used in the planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the contract are an especially important part of our reliability and cost-efficiency.

Works included in regional contracts include, among other things, winter maintenance, traffic sign work, pavement patching, spontaneous maintenance work, green area work, tunnel washing and technical maintenance, ditching and graffiti removal. We also keep the green areas, parks, playgrounds and sports areas of cities and municipalities tidy and safe and are active in the maintenance construction of and caring for harbours, waterways and rails.

Notifications related to the maintenance of state roads can be filed electronically at liikenne.palautevayla.fi.  In case of urgent problems that cause obvious harm to traffic, call the Road User Line at  0200 2100 (24/7). The services are produced by Traffic Management Finland.

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