Could you build tracks and railways?

There is a lot of railway and train track construction planned for Finland, and it will be intensive for decades to come. Track construction has its own special characteristics, and construction projects vary from technically challenging speciality work to demanding projects that require people with a wide range of different skills.

The workers who build tracks and railways have always been in a league of their own, ever since the construction of Finland’s first train track network. For modern construction workers, expertise and know-how have become more important than just physical strength, and train track construction offers opportunities for growth and learning. Cooperation is also more important than ever, and the best solutions are discovered through teamwork. Although the tracks and railroad ties have largely remained the same, the construction sites have changed, which helps people stay passionate about their work.

If you like working as part of a team and being involved in interesting projects that have an important social and environmental impact, you are a great fit for track and railway construction. Future residential areas, people’s mobility needs and climate change dictate where rails are built, as cities and the government work to reduce traffic emissions at an unprecedented pace. The trend is the same all over the world, so track and railway construction experience is going to be worth its weight in gold in the jobs market.

The field offers excellent opportunities for self-development. Those who work in train track and railway construction are never done learning, but they do learn to be professionals. Railway construction involves many different infrastructure construction tasks: earthwork, bridge construction, stonework, foundation engineering and special tasks related to tracks and railway engineering systems, to name but a few.

We are looking for experienced professionals to join our train track construction team, so you now have an opportunity to grow business and shape the work and organisation. We are working also on many great light rail projects, such as the Tampere Tramway, the Jokeri Light Rail and the Crown Bridges. Being the largest Finnish development and construction company is also a benefit in the current economic conditions – especially thanks to the wide variety of opportunities it brings.

Aleksi Laine
Head of Division
Traffic infrastructure

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