Underpass on Linderintie, Finland

We built a railway project, where the level crossing of train traffic was converted into an underpass to improve traffic safety and for the electrical engineering of this section of the railway.

In short, we dug an excavation for the underpass, then build the bridge, completed the train connection and allowed trains run along the bridge. We simultaneously completed the work related to safety devices on the track. The work also included street arrangements and work such as the road running under the bridge and linking it to existing roads. We also moved clean water and sewage pipes underneath the new road. Finally, we landscaped the old connection. The construction work also included the construction of a passing loop for the duration of the work in order to ensure smooth train traffic. 

As part of the same project, we also built an underpass which met the height requirements of special transport routes under a nearby bridge so that special transport can pass through the area even after the level connection has been removed. In addition, the work also included a supporting wall to separate the pedestrian and bicycle route from the road and adding lighting on the new street. 

“There’s a school in the area, so schoolchildren will no longer have to cross the train tracks. The safety of other traffic will also improve at the same time. Our customer, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, intends to remove many level crossings in Finland in order to avoid unfortunate level-crossing accidents in the future,” says Production Manager Markus Malmivuori from YIT.

Railway construction


Project name
Underpass on Linderintie road
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
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