We are building a one-kilometre stretch of railway between Helsinki and Riihimäki. The project will improve the functionality of the busiest railway track section in Finland.

The project involves stabilising the soil. In total, there will be about 150 kilometres of stabilisation columns in the ground. After that, we will build the foundations of the electric railway tracks. The plans have been developed together with the customer (the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency). Stabilisation is rare in railway construction in Finland.

"YIT also builds tracks that will contribute to enabling the green transition. In addition to our strong involvement in tramway construction, it's great to be back building train tracks again," says Markus Malmivuori, Production Manager at YIT.

Particular attention has been paid to occupational safety, as the work is to be carried out next to an operational railway line. In addition, when working in a built-up area, we have taken into account the safety of nearby residents in relation to noisy works and people moving around the site.

The Helsinki–Riihimäki project aims to increase the capacity of the line and reduce its vulnerability to disruption. The project will be implemented in three phases and at the end of the project, the Helsinki–Riihimäki section will have at least four tracks, which will allow for an increase in traffic volumes. For passengers, the project will improve the punctuality of train services.

YIT Railway construction

Underpass on Linderintie


Project name
Helsinki–Riihimäki rail project
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Project status
Under construction
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