Rock tunneling

Rock tunneling

YIT is a pioneer in rock construction. Underground construction solutions and zoning make it possible to find sustainable implementation and location options for many kinds of special facilities located in spaces excavated into rock. Such facilities include sport centres, parking halls, thermal power plants and cross-country skiing tunnels, for example.

Urbanisation creates needs for traffic solutions and smoothly functioning infrastructure. Spaces for different functions, such as metro, rail line and traffic tunnels, joint-use tunnels and water supply tunnels and plants, can be excavated into rock. In addition to this, existing rock tunnels and spaces require renovation for extending their life cycle or their purpose may be changed from the original intended use.

We offer rock construction services and solutions tailored according to the customer’s needs, ranging from the creation of ideas and planning to the final product. We are experts in demanding rock excavation and reinforcement, tunnel and mining contracts, open quarrying and aggregate production as well as shaft excavation, renovation of underground spaces, construction excavation and underground construction.

In rock construction, we use a real-time production control system to which equipment used in tunnel or mine excavation is connected.  We use a wide range of drilling, charging and reinforcement equipment suitable for large- and small-scale excavation and different types of reinforcement work. As industry leader, we constantly develop new implementation and operating models to ensure that the customers’ targets are achieved. These models include cooperative forms of contracting, such as alliance model, which we already use in our current projects. We also participate in the product development of excavation and mining machines with the manufacturers.

Some of the projects which we have carried out include tunnels for the E18 motorway, facilities for the final disposal of nuclear waste, excavation for the West Metro and the Ring Rail Line and decline tunnel excavation and reinforcement for the Kylylahti mine.

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