Posiva’s excavation contracts, Eurajoki, Finland

Havainnekuva Posivan louhintaurakoista / IIlustration of Posiva’s excavation contracts
Havainnekuva Posivan louhintaurakoista / IIlustration of Posiva’s excavation contracts

Posiva Oy is a specialist in nuclear waste management. Posiva is building the final disposal site for spent nuclear fuel in Eurajoki and chose YIT to excavate the tunnels for the facility. 

The first excavation contract covered the excavation of the first central tunnels in the final disposal area and the vehicle tunnels leading to them as well as the excavation of a parking hall. 

To be completed in 2022, the second excavation contract includes the excavation of two new central tunnels and five new final disposal tunnels. 

The third excavation contract continues the excavation of final disposal tunnels. 

The new tunnels will form a key part of the facility’s final disposal area and, due to their exceptionally tight quality requirements, they will be the first of their kind in the world. Building such demanding tunnel structures requires exceptional professional expertise, like precision blasting. Precision blasting focuses on the form of the tunnel and crushability and tries to minimise damage to the remaining rock mass. 

“We have started the unique EKA project, which in addition to the extraction of the final disposal facility, implements the encapsulation plant in its entirety, and the systems necessary for starting the final disposal of the facilities already quarried”, says Janne Mokka, CEO of Posiva.

YIT excavates Posiva’s tunnels utilising a cooperative project model


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