Hiekkaharju water tower, Vantaa, Finland

The new Hiekkaharju water tower was built to secure the water supply to East Vantaa as the population increases. This new tower enables more efficient pressure management in the area’s water supply network.

The new Hiekkaharju water tower is a landmark that is located 47 metres above the ground and 87 metres above sea level. The most impressive part of the light-coloured tower is its 8,000-cubic-metre tank.

“Our new water tower will secure the water supply to East Vantaa as the population increases. It is equipped with state-of-the-art process technology and solutions. In addition to the water tower, the necessary new water mains and sewage pipes have been installed in the vicinity,” says Project Manager Arto Mettinen from HSY.

First, we built the base of the water tower using the slip forming method and then the tank around the base. The massive tank was cast on the ground and raised slowly into place by means of 90 hydraulic jacks mounted on top of the base of the tower.

“A total of approximately 5,000 cubic metres of concrete has been cast for the tower and approximately 700 tonnes of reinforcement bars. The lifting operation was challenging but everything was carefully planned and reviewed with the parties in accordance with the work plan and we were able to ensure occupational safety,” says Construction Manager Vesa Helkiö from YIT.

The foundation of the water tower forms the base that carries the weight of the construction and transfers the load to the ground. The slab foundation of the Hiekkaharju water tower is one of the largest in its class.

YIT has already built 119 water towers in Finland, but the Hiekkaharju water tower is unique. The tower’s diagonal braces have been rounded to make the silhouette smoother. The tank’s facade has been clad with perforated aluminium sheets that depict bubbles rising up from the water.

Lighting is used to highlight the impressive construction. The tower’s base, diagonal braces and bottom surface of the tank are illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights that receive their electricity from the solar panels installed on the roof of the water tower. The upper part is illuminated from inside the perforated sheets, which underlines its translucent and light appearance. The lights enliven the tower – it waves subtly just like water.

The useful life determined for the water tower is at least one hundred years.

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