We used 702 rock anchors to tension the foundations of a large wind farm in Sweden.

We delivered and tensioned 702 rock anchors precisely in the agreed schedule. The rock anchors were made in Finland and delivered to Sweden in a few days. At one point, we prepared anchors for the foundations of four wind turbines in a week. The rock anchors were strand anchors measuring on average 17.5 metres long with a thickness of 19 strands. The double corrosion protected anchors will remain operational for at least the planned service life of the wind turbines.

During the project, we were quick to respond to any changes, being able to adjust the length of the anchors even within the same day in the production line. To minimise risks, however, the details and working method of the anchoring should be specified well in advance during the planning process.

On-site, we drilled the holes for the anchors and carried out water testing, the necessary bedrock sealing injections, anchor injections, tensioning and the post-installation work.

In the project, we also implemented the overall foundations for the new wind farm in Northern Sweden in 2019–2021.

YIT's tensioning unit offers expert services and special contracting for all sites where the construction option is tensioned structures. In wind power plants, the tensioning unit is usually involved from the design phase onwards. In terms of tensioning, the delivery package can range from the delivery of individual anchors to a total delivery that includes rock drilling, as well as the delivery, installation and tensioning of anchors. During the design phase, the quality of the rock is also examined, and test anchors are carried out.


Tensioning keeps the wind power plant upright


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