Decades of experience with bridges

We have been constructing and repairing bridges for decades, creating connections for road users, pedestrians and rail traffic. Our bridge construction unit has the competence required for the implementation of small and large bridges, railway bridges and bridges over water bodies using wood, concrete or steel structures. We utilise our bridge and structural competence, long experience and insight in all types of bridge repairs.

The 322-metre steel beam bridge we constructed in the challenging northern conditions in Kemi leads road users over the Isohaara river bed towards the fells of Lapland. Our bridge repair competence, on the other hand, can be seen in Leppävirta, for instance, where we are replacing the load-bearing structures, deck superstructures, railings and concrete surfaces of the 237-metre arched and continuous beam bridge made of reinforced concrete. We constructed for additional railway bridges at Tripla in the Pasila station in Helsinki and one new tensioned beam bridge of concrete in Pasila.

We offer several options for bridge construction, ranging from turnkey contracts to customised customer-specific implementation options. We utilise the methods developed and used in bridge construction also in our other infrastructure construction projects, such as parking halls and other complex concrete structures.

Bridge projects