Wind power projects

In 2012, we started project development for wind power in Finland.

Development of wind power projects is land-use planning aimed at building permits and the construction of wind farm.

Project development includes, among other things, planning, land leasing and negotiations with landowners, measurements, environmental impact assessment, project arrangements, permits and the conclusion of zoning agreements. In essence, it is the coordination of different interests: the search for the optimal construction site and the best wind conditions, taking into account the location in relation to the residential areas, as well as the low impact on nature. During project development, information is gathered and a compromise is reached through dialogue ensuring the financial conditions of the wind farm and minimising the negative effects. 

Wind farm

Self-developed wind farms

In November 2019, we took an important step as we sold the first self-developed wind farm to Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy. Energy companies and foundations are interested in purchasing wind farms, seeking profits from a cheap way to produce energy. Environmental friendliness is also one of the starting points in the selling of wind farms. There are a lot of different operators in Finland offering wind power project development, but we are the only construction company among them. We also build foundations and infrastructure, such as roads for wind farms, and we have completed almost 200 of them in Finland and Sweden.

Wind farm

We offer the entire package as a turnkey delivery

Wind power plays a key role in reaching carbon neutrality.

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