Infrastructure construction of a wind farm

The infrastructure construction of a wind farm is a precise process including various tasks from geotechnical surveys to the geometry of the curves of forest roads.

The infrastructure construction is divided into five sections: route construction, foundations, lifting areas, distribution substation and underground cabling.

The infrastructure of the future wind farm area will require, among other things, the construction of new roads and the improvement of the load-bearing capacity of existing ones. A soft forest road cannot sustain the transportation of heavy wind turbines. The geometry of the roads must be designed to allow the long blades to manoeuvre around the corners.

wind turbine

Before they can be erected, the wind turbines need sturdy concrete foundations to ensure that even the strongest winds cannot knock them down. Tensioning is also key to anchoring the huge wind turbines to the bedrock. Moreover, in order to erect the turbines on the foundations, you need large cranes that require the construction of a lifting area spanning hundreds of metres.

To harness the energy produced by the turbines as electricity for the national grid, you need to build one or several distribution substations. The power travels from the turbines to the distribution substation via underground medium-voltage cables that also need to be installed as part of the infrastructure project.

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