We implement excavation and reinforcement of different types of challenging rock spaces. We also perform underwater excavation, quarrying as well as city and special excavation.

Excavation is used to remove rock from the way of building foundations or routes. Rock may also be excavated for use as raw material for mineral aggregates or the construction or extension of an underground space. We also perform special drilling when necessary: We modify our own fleet so that it suits the project in question. Special drilling includes, among other things, connection openings to underground spaces, energy holes, horizontal drilling and anchoring. Read about the  services of our tensioning unit as well.

Special and city excavation

City excavation refers to excavation in city centres requiring special competence when constructing next to or under existing buildings. The environment demands special attention in urban conditions due to vibration, for instance. We have implemented extensive construction projects in many sites of great importance to the society. We master large projects and challenging urban conditions. City excavation often forms a part of the overall underground construction project in parking halls and traffic tunnels, for example, such as in  the Rantaväylä tunnel and the West Metro Line.

The excavation projects we have constructed