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Data centers – powered by eco-friendly renewable energy in the Nordic countries

The amount of data that we use and consume is growing rapidly every day. By 2025 the forecast is a growth by 61% to 175 zettabytes. There are several drivers for that growth: IoT, social media, streaming to name a few. The data center industry is doing their best to build and create facilities to house the mass of data that is being created. The need for new data centers is growing and the next generation data center is sustainable and climate efficient to meet the new demand´s to be co2 neutral, or even co2 positive.

Norway, Sweden and Finland are superb locations to build larger datacenters for Hyperscalers or enterprises do to many reasons:

  • Cold climate
    The cold northern climate helps manage the significant cooling requirements of data centers.
  • Access to renewable energy
    There are plenty of renewable energy sources available, including wind power, hydropower, bioenergy and geothermal heat. Northern power grids are reliable and modern, with an extremely low incidence of disruptions in electricity distribution. The cost of energy is low and electricity markets are functional and competitive.
  • World class connectivity 
    The region has excellent connectivity and in the coming years, Northern Europe’s connections to Asia will further reduce the latency to that region.
  • Politically stable
    The political environment is stable and well regulated

YIT is building Next Generation Datacenters that are sustainable, and more or less autonomous. We have a proven concept as a top supplier in construction of datacenter in the Nordics. As always our infrastructure projects provides our customer with a comprehensive solution. We are a top construction company in the Nordic countries.


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