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School construction

Learning environments

The starting point for planning is the efficient running of the daily activities of the students and staff as well as the efficient use of the premises.

Facilities support interaction and learning

The goal of the design solutions is to enable users to focus as much as possible on their work: learning and teaching. The facilities must serve and promote the needs of future learners and teachers and support diverse learning and teaching methods.

Future skills also include team and cooperation skills, the practice of which is a key part of today's education. The premises must also be healthy, safe and functional. As the service provider, we are responsible for the usability of the premises.

A great school is a place where children thrive.

Starting points for school construction

For us, the starting point for school planning and construction is always based on the need for the building to serve high-quality teaching and learning and meet the challenges of the future learning environment. A functional learning environment has spaces that encourage communality and working in groups, pairs or teams. In addition, there are traditional teaching spaces as well as spaces suitable for cooperative teaching and large groups. The building itself can also act as a part of learning, such as in learning about sustainable development in practice.

An environment that creates opportunities

A great learning environment provides an opportunity to learn and grow from a physical, psychological and social point of view. In practice, this means that the school must promote social well-being, be aesthetically and appropriately scaled, foster sustainable development and increase physical health and safety. The needs of people with sensory defensiveness must also be taken into account in planning the premises, materials and acoustics. These starting points are the foundations of our work.

Flexible and adaptable learning environment

We always develop the learning environments at our school sites in cooperation with the users and designers of the premises.

Spatial planning and pedagogical solutions support each pupil’s and student’s self-directedness and growth as an individual and as part of the community. In practice, this translates into the adaptability of the premises, innovative teaching technology and the application of the objectives and values specified in the curriculum to the school’s daily life at various levels.


Today’s learning environments should:

  • be flexible
  • be adaptable
  • offer possibilities for cooperation
  • enable the use of diverse working methods
  • enables a sense of community and encounters in everyday life
  • enable concentration
  • allow quiet reflection and undisturbed work
  • enable municipal residents’ diverse use of the premises

Working together towards better learning environments

We work closely with our customers, leading school and learning environment designers and educators in developing increasingly diverse environments for learning and teaching.



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