Buying a new apartment step by step

Steps to a new YIT Home

Learn the steps to buying a apartment and see for yourself how easy your path to a new home is. If you have any questions, contact us - we will be happy to help!

Buying a new apartment starts with a reservation  

You can easily reserve an apartment from a housing company currently in advance marketing or under construction either online or by phone. In both cases, we will send you a reservation confirmation via e-mail. An advance reservation is not binding and you can cancel the reservation without any necessary explanation. After having reserved an apartment that is under construction, the next step is to close the apartment sale soon after your reservation.   

When you start dreaming of a new home, join Kotipiiri. Then, you will be among the first to know when you can start reserving homes that you are interested in. This way, you will also have a wider selection of apartments to choose from. 

Buying an apartment – towards your dream home  

Read the deed of sale and your apartment’s documents carefully. The apartment sale can be concluded once the safekeeping documents have been delivered to the bank. The safekeeping documents include, among others, the housing company’s economic plan, articles of association and the method of construction description. The deed of sale will be signed at YIT Homes Sales. You can also browse the interior design materials included in the price of your home and, while you’re there,  you can select them. Get to know the interior design options.    


In connection with closing the sale, you will receive login credentials for the YIT Plus service. The service includes all the important information of your new apartment, for instance, completion phases, information about interior design selections, manuals of appliances and the service square. After signing the deed of sale, you will receive a YIT Plus confirmation message via e-mail and then you can register for the service. Read more about YIT Plus and the service square.  

Thanks to our customer-friendly payment terms, you only pay 20% of the apartment’s debt-free price when closing the deal when you buy the apartment already during the construction phase. You will pay the rest of the purchase price only closer to the completion of your apartment. This way, you have time to sell your old apartment while we are building your new YIT Home. Read more about financing solutions and housing corporation loans. 




Interior design and unique choices – a home to your liking 

When you buy a new YIT Home before the order date of the interior design materials, you can select the interior design from three themes planned by an interior architect. These materials are included in the apartment’s price. Choose one theme for your home or combine options to suit your taste. The housing company-specific material selection will be presented to you at YIT Homes Sales. You can select your apartment’s interior design materials when signing the deed of sale or later in the YIT Plus service as the construction progresses. We will remind you of the schedule of the material selections via e-mail and you can also find the message on YIT Plus.  Read more about the interior design options.  

By acquiring the apartment in good time, you can, if you wish, influence the space solutions of your new home, have remodelling work done at an additional price or make unique interior design choices according to your individual needs and wishes. Let’s make your dream home come true together! Read more about alternation work for an additional fee. 


Buyers’ meeting  

Once a quarter of the housing company’s apartments have been sold, we’ll invite you and the other buyers to a meeting. In the buyers’ meeting, you will be informed of the progress of the construction and meet your future neighbours. In the meeting, buyers can select construction observers and auditors as their representatives. 




Site visit or the first visit to your new home  

We will invite you to get to know your new home building and apartment during its construction phase. You will see with your own eyes how your new home is coming together. In some buildings, at this point, you will also be able to visit a model apartment that is built further than your own home. 


Inspection and the home-owner’s instructions of your new apartment  

We will invite you to inspect your YIT Home well before moving in. You will get a form where you can fill in all the possible defects. We will do our best to fix them before you move in your new home.  

We will guide you to use your new home either during the inspection of the apartment or in a separate meeting. The guidance includes instructions about using and adjusting the equipment in your home, among other things. We will send an invitation for the guidance and inspection of your home by email.  


Moving in and preparation  

About six weeks before the apartment’s construction is completed, you’ll receive a letter about moving where we confirm the completion date and inform of the schedule for the remaining instalments. Start packing on time and make your move easy and effortless with professional tips.  

You’ll receive the keys on the moving day once you have paid the purchase price and any alteration work you have ordered. At the same time, the ownership of the shares of your new home will be transferred to you. We will also give you a folder about your home that includes all the necessary information about your housing company and your apartment. You can also browse the folder online in your new home’s YIT Plus home portal.  


The transfer of administration meeting - administration transferred from the developer to the shareholders  

The shareholders’ meeting is arranged about three months after the construction has been completed. The meeting is also called a handover meeting because the administration of the housing company is transferred from the developer to the shareholders who have purchased the apartments.   

In the shareholders’ meeting, a board of directors will be selected for the housing company and an accounting statement is presented, among other things. In addition, you’ll get a lot of important information regarding the housing company and the life in it. 




One-year inspection  

A one-year inspection of the apartment is performed after about 12–15 months after its completion. You’ll receive a form along with the inspection invitation and you can fill any defects you have possibly detected in your apartment in YIT Plus Digital service. They are fixed after the one-year inspection. When you buy a YIT Home, you receive a 10-year guarantee that the construction work has been performed according to good construction practices.  


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