Keravanjoki multipurpose building, Kerava

The multipurpose building provides premises for a school and a meeting place for residents of the area.

We built the Keravanjoki multipurpose building using the alliance model. The alliance included the City of Kerava (client), Lukkaroinen Architects, Granlund (technical building systems design), Granlund Consulting (energy efficiency consulting), Caverion Finland (technical building systems implementation) and WSP Finland Oy (structural design).

In the alliance model, the client, designers and contractors work in cooperation and commit to shared cost and quality targets to ensure the best possible outcome for the project. We were also involved in the development phase of the project.

New meeting place in Kerava

The multipurpose building accommodates 1,000 students. It replaced the Lapila and Jaakkola buildings of Keravanjoki comprehensive school, which were to be demolished. The facilities were designed to also serve in diverse ways the evening use and recreational activities of local residents. Learning environments have been designed to support the new curriculum and different teaching methods.

The new building has more than 10,000 square metres of floor area (gross), and it has a kitchen with capacity for preparing 3,000 portions of food per day. The building was completed in summer 2021. The project development phase was launched in spring 2018. In the development phase, different user groups were involved in the design process, and their wishes were taken into account in the project plan.

Health and safety are at the heart of the project in all its phases from design to implementation. The project had a Healthy House coordinator, and it meets the requirements of the RTS environmental classification to ensure good indoor conditions and reduced energy costs. Wood was used in construction, particularly in the interior of the building.

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Project name
Keravanjoki multipurpose building, Kerava
City of Kerava
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