Gesterby’s new school centre will be built to Kirkkonummi using a life cycle model.

Using a life cycle model, we will build a new school centre for the municipality of Kirkkonummi that will have facilities for Gesterby school, Winellska school and Papinmäki school as well as the schools’ pre-primary education groups.

We are responsible for the planning, implementation and 20-year service period of the project, as well as the demolition of the old school building and the construction of the temporary school kitchen.

The facilities will serve about 1,270 pupils and 200 staff members.
The property’s gross floor area is approximately 13,500 m2.

Construction work started in late 2022 and the new school premises will open their doors to users in January 2026. Completion and exterior work will continue until summer 2026.

A four-star environmental rating on the RTS environmental certification scale will be sought for the property.

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