Five schools and three daycare centres in Espoo, Finland

We will be constructing several schools and daycare centres within a time period of five years. We will also take care of the buildings’ maintenance for 20 years.

We will be building schools in Nauriskaski, Kuitinmäki, Kilo and Pohjois-Tapiola, school and youth facilities in Perkkaa as well as daycare centres in Perkkaa, Nöykkiönniitty and Kilo. In addition, we will take care of the buildings’ maintenance for a service period of 20 years.

The initiative is implemented according to a PPP model (Public Private Partnership), in which the service provider is responsible for the financing, planning and construction as well as maintenance for 20 years. Parties in the initiative are project company Kumppanuuskoulut Oy, formed by YIT and Meridiam Investments II, and the City of Espoo.

“The aim of the PPP project is to achieve more efficient use of space in the city’s schools and daycare centres, which will lead to a new kind of cost-efficiency. For example, we have been able to significantly improve the space efficiency in schools without compromising on functionality,” says Olli Isotalo, Deputy Mayor, Technical and Environment Services, City of Espoo.

The projects will include facilities for nearly 3,900 children, and the constructed gross area is approximately 45,000 m2 in total.

The goal is to open the new schools and daycare centres between 2022 and 2024.


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5 schools and 3 daycare centres
City of Espoo
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