Guide to a successful construction project

Planning a construction project?

We know all projects are unique. Thorough pre-planning and co-creating solutions with stakeholders supports health and safety, higher quality, lower cost and shorter time plan.

Benefits of talking to a construction company in the early stages of a construction project:

  • Being the largest Finnish and a significant North European construction company we have a lot of experience about complex construction projects that we are happy to share with our clients
  • In-depth knowledge of the construction and design already in the pre phase of the project for a more accurate 
    solution proposal
  • Easier decision-making based on evidence gathered from YIT's experts and other key stakeholders
  • As a result of thorough pre-planning all parties save time and effort
  • Better strategic partnerships through mutual trust and transparency gained during the collaboration journey


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Finding the right direction for business development by co-creating with stakeholders

Service design is a human-centered and participatory approach to problem-solving that provides in-depth understanding of the stakeholders in a project and the desirability, feasibility and viability of a business idea. By actively involving and systematically collecting data about the end users, customers, experts and other parties, the chances of succeeding with a development project can be strengthened and risks minimized. Read the full article.

Alternative technical solution that we created together with YIT brought us potential to save 50 MEUR

Dave Tucker Smith, Civils Project Manager, Stockholm Exergi, 2019

The best part of the project was the moderation provided by YIT. In the traditional construction industry, this was something new.

Janne Nieminen, Head of Real Estate & SCM, Siemens, 2021

The way of working provided variety and opportunities for employees to influence the work. They were able to work together and create something new. It gave us energy, created meaning and the feeling that employees can make a difference. Definitely a course of action that will also interest others in the future. 

Janne Nieminen, Head of Real Estate & SCM, Siemens, 2021

This is not common in the construction industry. Usually, decisions are taken more traditionally at the management level. It is good that employees are asked for what they need and get an idea of what to focus on in the future.

Janne Nieminen, Head of Real Estate & SCM, Siemens, 2021

Don't know where to start? 
Download a canvas for planning a project

This canvas will help you to map out the key factors, current status and preferred future scenario of your project. 

We recognize our responsibility to operate sustainably

For us at YIT, sustainability means the efficient use of natural resources, the revitalisation of existing urban areas and making use of the circular economy and collaborative consumption. We want to be builders of future-proof urban environments. Being future-proof means operating responsibly and in accordance with sustainable development, which allows the products we build and the world around us to maintain their value in the future. We are committed to creating sustainable living environments and a carbon-neutral circular economy while observing the needs of people and the natural environment. Read more about sustainability.

Collaboration journey - all of them unique

Success is created together. Strong partnerships guarantee the best outcome

Every step from 1 to 10 is thought carefully among partners to ensure the best end-result and long-term business value. Innovation and smart solutions are created in cooperation. YIT’s expertise in leading complex construction projects is founded on strong know-how in customer and stakeholder management. Let’s create our unique journey together!

Project models

It is important to choose the right project model. The choice is influenced by the project’s scheduling, qualitative, operational and budget-related objectives as well as the size of your organization, competence and decision-making capacity as a contractor.

Many kinds of projects benefit from alliance contracting. The key idea of an alliance is early integration of the parties, which guarantees that the most important stakeholders of the project, such as the owner, the designer, the builder, the party responsible for the maintenance and the user, can all come together to plan the project. It also enables seamless cooperation during construction and even use. In an alliance, the parties share the risks and benefits in a shared project organisation. The cooperation keeps the focus on the resolution of problems instead of creating new ones. Projects built using the alliance model hardly ever see issues that have to be processed in a court of law.

A successful construction project starts by choosing the right implementation model. Read the Project Model Guide.

Have you considered, that soon half of the world’s workforce are millennials? How does it impact working life, how they view working life and working environments? How can we get the next generation to return to the office, or can we – is the time of traditional offices already in history?

We asked over 1,000 millennials what they think about the future of work; to see what values drive them, how its members view work, and what they need to thrive and grow at their jobs. This resulted in Next generation work -research and report.

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