The renovation of the University of Helsinki’s main building

This protected, culturally and historically significant building located in the heart of Helsinki is being renovated to meet modern technical and functional standards.

In the renovation, the technical building systems will be renewed, accessibility will be improved and teaching facilities will be modernised. The renovations will be conducted respecting the history of the building and keeping the appearance unchanged down to every last detail. Study facilities will be modernised and designed to be flexible and multifunctional, the facade will be renovated and the roof structures renewed. This will also improve accessibility, spatial and fire safety and indoor air conditions.

“We want to carry out the renovation work with the utmost respect for the unique history of the University of Helsinki and the essence of Finnishness. While the premises will be updated to match today’s needs, it is crucial that we recognise and cultivate the rich cultural heritage of the building,” says Tom Böhling, Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki.

The building was completed in 1832. The project planning phase has also included cooperation with the National Board of Antiquities.

The premises will be ready for use in stages, with the first phase being completed in July 2021. The project will be implemented using the alliance model. In the alliance, the University of Helsinki Funds is the project client, YIT is the contractor and Jeskanen-Repo-Teränne Arkkitehdit Oy is responsible for the project’s architectural design.

The project was selected as the Construction Site of the Year in 2020. Experience helps in planning work on historic buildings “The renovation of historically valuable buildings is one of YIT’s areas of special expertise,” says Kalevi Stenman, Vice President, Business Premises Renovation at YIT.

RTS environmental classification will be sought for the project.


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Renovation of the University of Helsinki
The University of Helsinki Funds
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Renovation Services