Three urban blocks in Pasila that flow with the pulse of the city. Tripla is where culture, retail stores, business and transportation come together in one amazing place. It inspires and attracts.

Tripla brings people together from near and far. The lucky ones will get to live here and many more will visit. It’s easy to get here and hard to leave.

Central Pasila will be one of the biggest and most important development projects in Helsinki over the coming years. Tripla, the heart of the new Pasila, will link both East and West Pasila and the planned high-rises on its south side to the new residential area on its north side.

Tripla is a massive construction project that will encompass three city blocks. The total area will be an impressive 360,000 floor square meters. Tripla will be constructed in stages during 2019–2020.

Mall of Tripla is a part of Tripla. The joint venture is formed by YIT, Ilmarinen (38.75%), Conficap (15%) and Fennia (7.5%). 

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