Kuntolaakso, Kuopio

The large development project called Kuntolaakso includes an implementation of a swimming pool, ice stadium and parking services development.

Kuopion Kuntolaakso

The target, with our services management model, is to provide as good customer experience as possible to the users of Kuntolaakso, also special groups and availability in mind.

The old swimming pool is available for users until the new one will be completed. The gross area of the new construction is approximately 21,000 gross square metres including a parking facility with 350 parking places and an expansion to the ice stadium, in addition to which the ice stadium will be also renovated. New parking facility with 350 car spaces was opened in August 2019.

The project was rewarded by The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI) as the best co-operative project in Eastern Finland 2019. It was also one of the finalists in Best working site -competition of the main newspaper in the industry, Rakennuslehti, in Finland.

Kuntolaakso is a development project demanding wide-ranging and diverse expertise.

sports construction

Business premises services


Project name
The City of Kuopio
Project status
Under work
Business segment
Business Premises
The ice stadium is open normally and houses the local icehockey team during the renovation
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