Kupittaan kärki Partnership Project, Turku

We are in an alliance to developing the Kupittaan kärki partnership project, which will develop the Kupittaa area in Turku both functionally and in terms of transport. It will make the area an attractive and functional second heart of Turku.

Kuva: Lundén Architecture Company, Cobe, Arkkitehdit von Boehm – Renell
Kuva: Lundén Architecture Company, Cobe, Arkkitehdit von Boehm – Renell

The City of Turku has selected the Terävin kärki consortium formed by YIT, Lundén Architecture Oy, Arkkitehdit von Boehm – Renell, COBE, WSP and AFRY as a winner in Kupittaan kärki partnership project alliance competition.

The Kupittaan kärki partnership project forms a part of the Turku Science Park project aimed at the development of an attractive innovations and competence cluster through the synergies, comfortable environment and functional daily infrastructure provided. This is one of the City’s most significant comprehensive urban development project in the coming years, connecting the Kupittaa and Itäharju districts and implemented with alliance model.

The contract for the development phase will be signed in early 2023 and project is expected to be completed in phases during 2026-2027.

The innovative project includes about 25,000 square metres of educational facilities on the Turku Vocational Institutes’ Taito campus and an infrastructure project consisting of a deck over the Helsinginkatu and railway and parking facilities for about 1 500 vehicles on the Itäharju side.

The aim is to link the two urban areas and create a hub for smart mobility and a new functional centre. They will remove the barrier effect of Helsinginkatu and the railway and make Itäharju a natural part of the Science Park area. The consortium has committed to purchase and carry out 40,000 square metres of building rights of office and retail space. In addition, project will enable the acquisition of 40,000 square metres of residential building rights.

YIT has carried out several development projects in the Kupittaa area in Turku, such as the Kupittaa campus of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa, the Kupittaa Ball Game Hall, Veritas’ Headquarters and Kupittaan Parkki parking facilities.


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Kupittaan kärki Partnership Project, Turku
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