Five tips for green balconies

The trend of decorating with plants is spreading to balconies also this spring.

The internet is a great place for tips on what to plant on your balcony.

Interior Designer Niina Ahonen’s first piece of advice is to examine the direction the balcony faces. When and for how long does the balcony get sunshine? Take this information with you to the internet or to a garden centre where they will help you choose the best plants.

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The temperature of the balcony depends on whether it is glazed and whether residents have added any shades. An open balcony is exposed to wind, rain and night frosts in the spring. A glazed balcony, in turn, may offer almost greenhouse-like conditions.

Below, you’ll find a few things we think you should consider before buying plants for your balcony. Contact a garden centre for more detailed plant recommendations and care instructions.

1) For pleasure or the plate?

Flowers are always pretty, but you can also use your balcony to grow vegetables or herbs.

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2) Joy for one summer or a lifelong friend?

Shrubs, trees, vines and perennials are an excellent choice for a balcony. Remember to use large pots and planters. While these plants may not bloom as long as summer flowers, they stand out due to their large size, lush branches and beautiful foliage. (Source: Plantagen)

3) Real or real-looking?

“Personally, I’m all about artificial plants. They endure any conditions and you don’t need to find someone to water them during your holiday,” says Niina Ahonen.

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4) Store-bought or found at home?

Could some of your indoor plants be moved to the balcony for the summer?

5) Colour without flowers?

Fabrics and textiles are an easy way to add colour to your balcony. Rugs, for example, are a popular feature on balconies. When choosing your textiles and upholstered furniture, pay attention to the materials; will their colours withstand direct sunshine? What about moisture and humidity?

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