Flexible housing corporation loan

New home without a bank loan?

A housing corporation loan is a good option if you want to get a new home with little capital without a bank loan. It is paid monthly as a charge for the financial costs.

A housing corporation loan is suitable for those who do not want to commit to a personal bank loan 

You have access to a flexible housing corporation loan to finance your new YIT Home. You can become a homeowner by paying only the sale price of the apartment. The remainder of the debt-free price is paid to the housing company monthly as a charge for financial costs. 


Benefits of the housing corporation loan 

Housing corporation loans are granted without separate collateral.* 

You’ll save time and effort as the housing corporation loan has already been through competitive bidding. 

Usually, you only pay the interest during the first 1–2 years of housing corporate loan repayment, and you’ll have more money to spend on home decoration, for instance. 

The apartment can be sold more easily if it is subject to a housing corporation loan. The number of potential buyers is larger when even new owners can take advantage of a housing corporate loan - not everyone gets or wants to take a personal bank loan equal to the debt-free sales price. 

*If more than 50% of the apartment’s original participation in the housing corporate loan remains as the apartment’s participation in the housing corporate loan, a sum corresponding to 3-4 months of charges for financial costs will be paid on the housing company’s imprest account.//H4 + leipis// 


Flexible housing corporation loan 

Usually, for the first 1–2 years after the apartment has been completed, you’ll only pay the interest of the housing corporation loan. After this, the repayment of the housing corporation loan is added to the interest, increasing the amount of the charge for financial costs. You can also pay your proportion of the housing corporation loan in instalments or in full right before the construction of your home is completed. If you pay the housing corporation loan in full, you will not have to pay the charge for financial costs at all. Interest on a housing corporation loan cannot be deducted in your own taxation. 

You can also repay the housing corporation loan in instalments or in full later on. An additional repayment is usually possible 1–2 times a year, depending on the loan terms. If you sell your apartment before the loan period expires, the remainder of the housing corporation loan and the related charges for financial costs are transferred to the new owner. 

There are housing company specific differences in loan terms. Further details can be found in the documents of each housing company, and the buyer is obliged to review these before concluding the sale. YIT Homes Sales will gladly provide you with more information about the housing corporation loan. 


Apartment sales price 

The apartment sales price is the amount the buyer pays the seller for the apartment shares being traded. 


Debt-free price 

The debt-free price is the sum of the sales price and the share of the housing company loan allocated to the housing shares. The debt-free sales price is the total price to be paid for the apartment. 

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