A holidaymaker’s home base – and a source of income

The spring snowdrifts are calling! Should you take the plunge and buy timeshare accommodation – or maybe rent a log cabin up north? Think again. YIT’s Chalets holiday home concept is so versatile that it beats older options hands down, says Pekka Helin, YIT’s Senior Vice President of Customership and Living Services.

Why is purchasing a holiday home from YIT a worthwhile move?

YIT’s ready-to-occupy Chalets holiday homes are fully furnished and equipped owner-occupied apartments designed specifically for recreational use. And when not in personal use, the property can be conveniently rented out.

Sounds simple, but how does it work?

First of all, having your own holiday home makes holidaying easy, as you don’t have to haul your belongings back and forth. For instance, there is a storage space reserved exclusively for the apartment owner’s skiing equipment. Each home also has a lockable cabinet for personal belongings.

A Chalets holiday home is designed to provide ample storage space for tenants as well, making them highly attractive rental properties.

How does subletting work?

In some cases, a rental pool is available through which holiday homes can be offered for rent. More and more customers choose to rent out their property themselves through various rental services.  Either way, you can live in your holiday home whenever you want and rent it out for the remaining periods for some additional income.  

Have the architect and interior designer specifically designed the entire Chalets concept with a focus on recreational use?

Yes, they certainly have. The concept is based on highly economical use of space. For example, the Chalets three-room unit is around 60 m2 in area and includes everything essential. Usability is a priority, starting from the practical and hardwearing entrance that’s more than a match for ski boots or golf shoes.  There is also a bicycle storage area and a ski maintenance space in the common areas. And another clever little feature: a dedicated storage space for suitcases.

What about cleaning and other upkeep?

At all Chalets locations there are local businesses that provide linen and cleaning services. Chalets apartments are always part of a housing company, which arranges its own maintenance for its common areas.

YIT launched the Chalets concept over 20 years ago, and it has gradually expanded to new locations. What’s the secret behind its popularity?

A Chalets home could serve as a private base for a family who enjoys skiing, for instance, but it can always be rented out as well. We know that our customers often see a Chalets home as an investment in their quality of life and family time.

Is the Chalets concept adaptable to family needs?

Absolutely. A Chalets home is suitable for a family with young children, but also for older couples whose children have already left home. Very often, people who have visited our properties since childhood keep coming back!

And the possibility to work remotely is a new added bonus?

We had already turned our thoughts to remote work in the early 2000s, and we wanted to make it possible in a Chalets home too. Each apartment has two remote workstations and internet connections, providing a peaceful environment to focus on work amidst nature.


Chalets holiday homes – four strong points for leisurely living:

  • Ready-to-occupy holiday homes sold with an interior decor package
  • The package includes everything you need: furniture, lighting, appliances, curtains and other textiles, crockery and cutlery
  • A rental service can be chosen for all the holiday homes, with the service partner taking care of all practical matters (keys, cleaning, bedlinen)
  • You can earn rental income when you’re not on holiday!

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