Alteration work give your new home a unique look

The interior of your dreams for your new home!

Tell us what kind of interior you have dreamed of - let’s design it together for your new home. Inner wall removals, gorgeous effect walls, unique tiles or indirect lighting.

Examples of alteration work 

Moving or removing lightweight partition walls 

Different surface materials 

Adding a kitchen island 

Sliding door cabinets and storage solutions 

Lighting solutions 

Solutions for different situations in life, such as support handles and handrails, lowering the height of the kitchen counters 

Safety equipment 

Removal of a sauna or a walk-in closet, or conversion of a sauna into a walk-in closet or a utility room 

Combining apartments 

Changing kitchen functionalities

See what your home could look like!

Unique solutions can be implemented, if you act early 

When you reserve your home at the latest in the early phases of construction, you can influence space solutions and make individual changes. Interior design and construction experts will help you plan the apartment. The possible alteration work depends on the building under construction and the apartment’s layout.  

Additional alteration work to be carried out is agreed with the Customer Service Engineer who will compile an offer of the changes you want along with attached images. The offer will be accepted with a signature, and the implementation of the alteration work will then implemented during the various construction phases. 

Image below: integrated sauna stove and indirect lighting.


Ready-made alteration packages make it easy to choose

We have put together some alteration work suggestions from which you can easily choose alteration works subject to additional prices. For example, a parquet, bathroom tiles or household appliances. You can find additional priced options in the YIT Plus Studio service, for which you will receive login details when you sign the purchase agreement.  

Let us know what you wish for and we will start planning your new home! You get a ready and finished home down to the last detail. 

See the white interior design theme 

See the dark interior design theme 

See the light interior design theme 

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