How to finance the purchase of a new home

Utilise these tips when buying a new home

Housing corporation loan, favourable payment terms, plot ownership and asset transfer tax. In a new home, you know what housing costs. See how you can utilise different solutions.

In your new home, you know what housing costs 

The housing costs in a new building is easily predictable, and no unexpected costs usually arise because your new home is: 

Renovation free: there are no renovations in the housing company in the near future 

Built to be energy-efficient, so no extra heating costs  

Equipped with new building technology that supports energy-efficiency  

Modern: new appliances consume less electricity and the water fixtures use less water  

Financing a new home is flexible according to your situation in life, so you can take advantage of the housing corporation loan, if you wish. 

Act early, take advantage of the 20% financial benefit 

Upon signing the sale agreement, you will pay only 20% of the apartment’s debt-free price. The remainder of the sales price is paid when your home is completed and you are almost ready to move in. You will have plenty of time to sell your old home or arrange financing while we build your new home. Read more. 


A housing corporation loan is suitable for those who do not want to commit to a personal bank loan 

You can become a homeowner by paying only the sale price of the apartment. The remainder of the debt-free price is paid to the housing corporation monthly as a charge for the financial costs. More information about the housing corporation loan. 


Own plot, a lease plot or an optional lease plot? 

The ownership form of the plot affects the price of the apartment and the monthly housing costs. When a housing company is built on its own plot, the plot is included in the purchase price of the apartment and you do not have to pay any lease plot charges. 

When a housing company is built on an optional lease plot, the purchase price of the apartment does not include the plot and you can become the owner of the apartment with less capital. You will pay a monthly lease plot charge. It is possible to redeem the plot share per apartment by paying the redemption price, after which you do not have to pay any lease plot charges. 

A housing company can also be built, for example, on a city-owned lease plot that cannot be redeemed. In this case, the price of the apartment does not include the plot, and the lease for the plot is included in the monthly maintenance charge. 

You can find more information about the different plot ownerships here. 


Asset transfer tax 

The amount of the asset transfer tax is 2% of the debt-free price of the apartment, which includes both the sales price and the apartment’s share of the housing corporate loan. However, an asset transfer tax of 4% is paid on the redemption of the plot share, as this is considered a land transaction. Notice that first home buyers don’t need to pay asset transfer tax. Read more. 

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